Manitoulin Transport offers overnight service between Regina, SK and Minneapolis, MN, Minot, ND and Fargo, ND.

Partner with a Leader

Partner with a provider that can help grow your business. Manitoulin has the resources of trucks, terminals, technology, manpower and processes to meet your shipping needs. Whether that be ensuring parts and materials are delivered faster to your manufacturing plant or getting products first to your customers. Manitoulin can give your company a competitive edge.

Fastest Transit Times in the Industry

Manitoulin Transport can’t be beaten. We have the fastest delivery times, offering overnight shipping between Minneapolis, Fargo, Minot and Regina.

Cross Border Experts

Manitoulin is at the forefront of customs and border security programs (C-TPAT, PIP, FAST,CSA, ACE, E-manifest). We utilize the latest information technology to send shipment data to both Canada and US Customs and Border Protection prior to arrival at the point of clearance. All shipments are pre-cleared before reaching the border.

Border Clearance Rates
Northbound to Canada Southbound to US
98% 100%

We also provide an in-house customs clearance support group and bonded warehouse facilities in all major Canadian cities.

Advanced Technologies

Accessing shipment information when you need it is as critical as the delivery itself. Our advanced transportation technology allows for real-time access to information on shipments, giving our customers key insights that affect their ability to make timely business decisions.